Our Customers

“Apart from seeing the immediate benefit of clearer skin and feeling I had loads more energy and was less bloated, I found the PureGreen cleanse fantastic for breaking my bad snacking habits. It made me more determined to eat ‘cleaner’ foods afterwards and really refocused my drive for maintaining a healthier diet. I now have one or two juices everyday (along with my regular meals) as a way to load up on fruit and veg and avoid reaching for the sugary snacks!”

Amy Huberman, Actress and Author

“The pure green juice 3 day detox left me feeling healthy and my skin glowing. I also was surprised by his much energy I had during the cleanse and how tasty the drinks were.”


Laura Whitmore – TV Presenter

“Really glad I did it. Ideally Id love one a day as well as my meals everyday, delicious and so healthy.”


Yvonne Keating – model

“After just one day I was so much more alert and alive. It really made me understand the evils of unhealthy, processed food. I enjoyed my PureGreen cleanse so much I actually stayed on the detox for an extra two days. Upon completion, I had glowing skin, bright eyes and was 4lbs down.”


Melanie Morris – Editor in chief, Image Magazine

“I loved the PureGreen juices and felt great – I would definitely do it again.”


Lucy Kennedy – TV Presenter

“Would I recommend doing it? Absolutely! I feel energised , and fresh- no sluggish feeling that you often get at the end of a day… Also my stomach feels flatter..My main reason for doing this was to clean my body out and feel good. I feel I’ve definitely done that so I’m delighted ! And I’m sure my body is very thankful too!”


Pippa O Connor, Model and Presenter

“By day three my stomach was flatter than it’s been in years and the whites of my eyes were brighter. I definitely felt surges in energy and lowered sugar cravings. I would definitely do this detox again, especially if I wanted to lose a few pounds before a big event. It’s certainly made me think about my diet and I now make my own super green smoothie every morning.”


Demelza de Burca – showbiz writer

“The Pure Green Juice detox is extremely handy which was the biggest appeal for me. You can always juice your yourself and not be lazy but I thought let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I just sent an email and like magic they were delivered to my house. I am now feeling lighter, healthier and less sluggish.”


Jennifer Maguire – comedian and presenter

“The delicious wholesome juices are 100% natural and all locally sourced. A unique and easy way to get your five a day these perfectly blended juices are not only, packed full of nutrients and health benefits but also taste delicious!”

Irish Daily Mirror

“Prepare to feel delightful and virtuous!”

U Magazine